Worried About Jaundice? How To Care For Your Newborn During Those First Few Days

If you've recently given birth, and this is your first baby, you may have a lot of questions and concerns. Some of those questions may involve jaundice. In most instances, jaundice is a non life-threatening condition that most babies develop a few days after birth. Most hospitals have babies remain in the hospital for at least 72 hours so that they can monitor color, since jaundice results in a yellowish skin color. [Read More]

Gallbladder Issues: 3 Things You Should Know

Digestive issues are never fun to deal with, and they can be caused by a number of different things. If you recently starting feeling pain in your abdomen, chest, or right shoulder blade and are experiencing vomiting, fever, heartburn, or nausea, you may have a problem with your gallbladder. These are all common symptoms of gallbladder issues, and you should probably visit a medical clinic soon to find out what is causing these issues. [Read More]